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Why Does He Sing Farewell To The Sun?

Why Does He Sing Farewell To The Sun?

Why does he sing farewell to the sun
Jumping at shadows that settle
Around every once bright agile eye
Who's day has gone and come?

When she worships in silence and stars
Under cool shadows overlooked
Out of windows by dreamers undreaming
Slow to fall off on sleep's watchful arms.

Where I am taken by risings and settings
Of twilight's changing dusks to dawns
Walking on cracks between, hearing, and seeing,
Tasting two worlds which touch only one.

Some beginnings feel like others ending
This last day came too close to that first
How time idles off fast and forever
Before knowing what we had was worth.

* * * * * * * * *

What were we, a family of strangers
Afraid of the sting of good bye?
Glad to be a part of what was provided
Ashamed of the ease of not having to try?
Loving and fighting, fire and freeze both skin deep,
Angry at our easy uncaring.
Enjoying the won and lost struggle toward teamwork,
Laughing because we're so human
it hurts.

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