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When two hearts bonded together

When the clouds in the cosmos bonded together; there
pelted down showers of ferocious and sparkling rain,

When the minuscule winds in the atmosphere bonded
together; there evolved a tumultuous storm that swept
turbulently across the entire city,

When all the inconspicuous little ripples of water
bonded together; there was formed the colossal ocean;
smashing and swirling magnificently against the cold
blooded rocks,

When the seed and earth bonded together; there arose a
majestic tree; sprinkling scores of appetizing fruits
on the famished soil,

When diminutive wisps of smoke bonded together; there
blazed a Kingly fire; escalating handsomely towards
the sky; imparting loads of warmth and reprieve from
freezing winds winter,

When all fingers of the palm bonded together; there
evolved a strength so unprecedented; that it could
fight against any evil loitering on this earth,

When all loose bones strewn haphazardly on the ground
bonded together; there evolved the perfectly
synchronized body; which ran, ate, slept, wept, in
splendid harmony,

When all pieces of stray and incongruous stones bonded
together; there evolved the imposing structure of the
building; which wholesomely catered to the life of
thousands of individuals,
When all the small fish in the sea bonded together;
there evolved a battalion of unsurpassable tenacity;
easily capable of defeating the most gargantuan of
whale and shark,

When the shattered petals of different creepers bonded
together; there evolved a flower with the most
stupendous of scent,

When all the disheveled twigs lying desolate on the
ground bonded together; there evolved a mighty bridge
which didn’t budge an inch even in the most vicious of
storm waters,

When all tribes existing in different part of the
earth bonded together; there evolved a land with no
bloodshed; and laden with immortal bliss,

When varied colors existing under the Sun bonded
together; there evolved a single color; that was
virtually impossible to dissipate by any attack,

When all words and languages spread far and distant
across the periphery of the Universe bonded together;
there evolved the language of compassion; which was
the richest of all,

When all minds existing on this globe bonded together;
there evolved the best ideas ever imaginable;
metamorphosing the continent into a paradise once
again; to unitedly live in,

When all countries bifurcated into bits and pieces
bonded together; there evolved an astronomical
superpower utterly invincible,

When all religions prevalent across the world bonded
together; there evolved the divine religion of

When Man and Woman created by God bonded together;
there came into existence the entire planet; and the
world what we so profoundly admire today,

And when two hearts throbbing violently bonded
together; there evolved a mountain of passionate
romance; a formidable fortress of love and care; that
even God found difficult to conquer and prevented
others from doing so…

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