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The power of my love

If you ventured to leap from unprecedented heights of
the building,
the power of my love would stop you from colliding
with the earth.
if you thought of consuming vials of deadly snake
the power of my love would transform it into golden
herbs revitalizing life.
if you planned to severe the bunch of blissful veins
on your wrist,
the power of my love would replace them with
impenetrable sheets of metal.
if you pondered on pursuing nefarious paths of
the power of my love would freeze your footsteps
violently midway.
if you dreamt of driving your automobile at breakneck
the power of my love would impregnate your persona
from all sides,
averting possible collisions and obstacles that came
your way.
if you walked pompously in blistering heat waves of
the sun god,
the power of my love would imprison you in a vice like
grip with blankets of
shady moisture.
if you tried and concealed from me indispensable
secrets of your life,
the power of my love would prompt you to vomit the
same with intense fury.
if you shivered convulsively feeling stabbed by
whirlwinds of fear,
the power of my love would make you sleep with
compassionate warmth flooding
every corner of your body.
if blood oozed from your slender fingers while
chopping vegetable,
the power of my love would rehabilitate your bare
wounds with supple skin.
if you felt tormented by irascible groups of
the power of my love would assassinate their necks from
base tips of their
if you whipped yourself in isolation and sheer
the power of my love would convert your agonizing
cries into those of pure
if you ever thought of leaving me,
the omnipotent power of my love would annihilate all
such thoughts,
before they even gained prominence in frigid pores of
your mind.

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