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The Ngong Hills

A group of seven,
Magnificently stand at seven,
These inspired Karen Blixen.
With their face towards the city,
They smile and give a backdropp to the city.

Legend goes that back back in the days of yore,
A giant set foot at the plains and tripped,
And when he fell his fists left the prints in their shape.
And the locals named the hills Enkong'u
Which literally means knuckles in Maa.

Now, the white folks found that hard to say
Like they did with all the Kenyan names
And instead of Enkong'u they said
That, Ngong is what we call it, I say.
Didn't deviate much, now, did they?

Today these hills they still stand,
And beautiful Maasai cows, goats, and sheep
Graze and find their solace there
As they admire the greatest city on earth,
Even they call it the green city in the sun.

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