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The Impossible and the Possible.

Poem Title: The struggle to overcome the difference between the Impossible and the Possible
Acrostic Poem 166a

The struggle to overcome the difference between the impossible and the possible.
Hope being the word that springs to mind to link these two opposites to attract.
Eternally wandering Cyber space side by side hooking onto every adjective or verb.

Seeking Impossible causes to take away excuses and make them once more possible.
To overcome the bigoted, blind, self centred mind set of the un-believers.
Reaching corners of the mind that you of Christian or Muslim Faith never thought existed.
Unless you have spent all your life on earth in a cocoon not within real time.
God has chosen you to teach the differences between the Impossible and Possible.
Given that if at first you don`t succeed... You`ll get it right next time.
Love for all your Fellow Men and Women may seem Impossible. Trust me it`s the only way.
Every possibility, has been at sometime within it`s life...seemed Impossible.

Take the making of a silk purse from one sows ear. If you will
Or the finding of a needle in a hay-stack or the abolition of third world hunger and the like.

Or the creation of the Love of Nation unto Nation... The end to all War or domination
Very nearly every single problem has a solution, indeed sometimes many solutions do exist.
Electricity, how unbelievable to the even the wisest man once upon a time thought “impossible”
Radio waves converted into the sweetest sounds ever heard by mortal Man
Communication instant Chat across the Globe in real time ….one to one...”Impossible”
Of loving commitment between different creeds and cultures without ever meeting possible.
Mighty soon God will look down on earth and see the two words rolled into one!
Entreating the Impossible always Possible and the Possible never Impossible.

The struggle to overcome the difference between the Impossible and the Possible.
Holy Holy Holy, Eureka, Glory be! We are getting there, I do believe I really do believe.
Eternally where two Poets or more can get together to speak as one, in one Like-minded.

Difference between the Impossible and the Possible are reduced to nil
In practical terms every metaphor, rhetoric, noun or verb or adjective can be polished.
From the most impossible dream into the possible reality of the finest prose ever written.
From the dullest of dyslectic mutterings to the most flowery of sweetest love songs.
Endlessly tripping from the lips of stranger meeting stranger, wisest verse ever heard.
Re-acting opposites attracting the Impossible with the Possible. Judge for yourselves.
Enacting with the humble Poet that composed this message. You may never chance to meet.
Never in a Thousand years of trying, these chances, sure don't happen every day.
Catch the Impossible catch on the very boundaries of your mind to make a difference.
Every chance that one single catch will win your team the Game.

By making then the Impossible Possible, you have changed in one action the life you have.
Every Impossible thought can then be dismissed from your mind possibly forever
The sun to leave the sky, the rivers all run dry, a baby not to cry ….Impossible.
We have that song within our mind, which keeps our feet upon the ground
Every now and then to be able to accept that all things are not Possible.
Even Magicians from time to time cannot turn however hard they try by Day and
Night the experiments to turn base metals into Gold, for no good reason!

The Gold that they seek is common currency to any Poet to compose
Heroic Epic verses Odes, Rhyming Verse and translations left right and centre.
Ethereal Gifts making sense of the hopeless jumble of English words and Idioms.

Impossible smilies such as impracticable, unfeasible, unworkable, unattainable, inconceivable.
Measured against the conceivable by removing the whole reason for failure or excuse to fail.
Possible solutions are always potentially available to the ever open mind of a true Poet
Obtain if you will the very unobtainable, for if you believe in God you most probably will
Subjected to the most absurd verbal abuse of an un-romantic Philistine or carping Critic.
Stand up upon your highest tip-toe.tall as you can be, yell and yell, making yourself heard.
In so doing even an ugly Giant, fearsome, fire -breathing ogre will be confused for the moment.
Blinded by the Impossible Beauty of the Prose you Write and the clever songs you sing.
Like the charming of a deadly Cobra, mesmerized, into loving you and every living thing.
Every time you may have doubt creeping into your positive progress in Life with negativity.

Awake in that moment and assume that Nothing is Nothing Like as Impossible as it seems.
Nothing was ever impossible to God the one true creator, he passes on his skill to you ..
Do not be lead to believe by others that your way of life is ludicrous, if it works for you.

The struggle to overcome the difference between the Impossible and the Possible.
Herculean. If you stop to think about it, best have the courage of faith that you will resolve.
Each and everything you ever put your mind to, unacceptably, out of the question!

Practicable, solutions and compromise, dilutes the acid contamination to perfection.
Oh, I have seen this in my Life so many times before, as I hope to see many times again.
So take away any silly excuse for failure, place the tools to make the unthinkable thinkable.
Substitute the negatives for a positive frame of mind...the unreasonable to being reasonable.
Illogical thoughts and actions you convert by your process of logical practical analysis
Before too long, my goodness, there it is before your very eyes, the “ Solution”
Like a magic wand, covered in fairy dust, making every impossible task possible in real time.
Earth took it`s creator only six days to design and several million to get it “ How it is”

Acrostic poem written … 8th March 2010 to 11th March 2010

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