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Peace Not Into Pieces.

I refused to remain silent,
While our future is lost,
To senseless violences and wars,
We've died enough,
And have cried enough red seas,
But where's the strong source,
Our love inside of us?
A child's tear into floods,
In the west Nile and
The dry karamoja areas,
Ramble in the potholed kampala of aches,
A mother without a mouth,
And a baby on her back,
Tryna scream out for peace
Not into pieces,
All we want is peace not into pieces.

I know you know what
Besigye really wants......
Elias Lukwago and Betty Nambooze,
You know what the country needs,
We know why the caged bird sing,
[ Maya Angelou ],
Men on boda bodas,
Those in Owino and Kiseka....
In peace not pieces.

Talkin' is free,
I'm speakin' for the mouthless
Brothers and sisters,
And the so tired ugandans,
All we stutterin' is peace not pieces,
something we yelled for is
Peace not pieces;

Before its blown, we ask for
Peace not into pieces,
God we shout for you in heaven,
That peace falls down here,
Not in pieces,
Something we can shout out
To end all their brutal war game,
The peace we yawning for,
Case for northern war was fake,
Don't let it fade,
More still rest lives can be saved.

Got braveness in me,
Shoutin' out for PWDs,
For peace not pieces,
Scared, I might end calling
Peace not Pieces,
Resting in pieces,
Thus calling for peace not pieces,
All we crave is peace not pieces,
And that's what we miss,
Something we can grow,
Before its grown in pieces,
Calling for peace not pieces.

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