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Old Friend, How Far Down Did You Fall (True Birds Can Fly)

Old Friend, My My You've lost it all
Old Friend, Worst of all
You lost me

Old Friend, My Sweetest Friend
I tell you this is not the worst that you did
A back stabber can get carpal tunnel
Just as soon as a poor shot improves there aim
Our friendship, your game
All ended when I turned my back and ran
Not out of fear but of disgust of what you became
Don't bother reaching anymore for a hand
Because mine is with me, And not in yours

Old Friend, How you have fallen
Broken you remain, in love with your fellow
So when you are bawling
And bellowing
Remember the regrets you've made.
And remember my face.

Old Friend....
My old friend how you have dropped
That is not a hole, it is a grave
And this feeling you feel is not embarrassment but Hate
It's blame, Remains, Yours and Yours alone
So don't point that hate at me

Old Friend....

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