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Fake Sunshine & the Dark Cloud "That Blocked My Sun"

It was up's and down's
And black and white
And the yin and yang

Life was just going on
With a monotony on my life

Suddenly like a spark,
Thunder in the clear sky
You came to my life
Sparkling with your Sunshine

I thought life has a meaning
With a peek that has no fall
Black or no yang

That made me forget
The balance of life
And if there is a easy down hill
There will be a hard mountain to climb

I was blind with you shining light of Sunshine,
That I thought never end

I should have known that you wasn't the real Sunshine
Just a fake that blind my vision
That been just a distraction
Unbalanced the circle of life

That has followed by a dark cloud
That made my life a stormy night
And a endless cold winter
That took away the warm summer breeze

But now I'm glad that I found out
Your Sunshine is just a fake
That wasted my pleasant summer

Glad that you're gone
Feel free and back with my life
With my up's and down's

That will guide me to my real Sunshine,
Doesn't matter that it's a hard up hill,
Because I fell free, I saw the truth.


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XRumerTest said on 25 September 2019:
Hello. And Bye.


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