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Call in the midnight

I used to make my dinner thinking
About what you'd like to eat
I used to pass all night drinking
Because you didn't like of meat
I used to fall in laugh every second
Because you liked my way to smile
I used to tell histories with once upon
Just for keep you quiet for a while
I used to drink wine every saturday
Because you weren't at home
I used to smoke always in a trip away
Because I knew you weren't waiting on the phone
For a call in the midnight

Now I can't think about the dinner
Because I'm eating in my mom's house
Now I can't watch TV in soccer's winner
Because I'm not with my blouse
Now I can't smile for any stupid
Because I lost my eye's passion
Now I just keep in internet's cupid
Because I'll learn a new lesson
Now I'm coming from the rehab
And going to bed early, same in weekends
Now I just don't or can't laugh
Because I know I'll it pretends
For a call in the midnight

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