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African Pirates

Freedom fighter or terrorist? Depends whose side you’re on,
Africa’s ‘freedom fighters’… proud pirates everyone,
No freedom was ever gained for Black folk’s kith or kin,
Their fight was not for liberty, but to loot now from within.

Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Africa’s pirate supreme,
Thieving and plundering are his passions it would seem;
But in this act he’s not alone, for Grace is worse by far,
They aught now both to be rolled, in feathers and hot tar,

Nestle buys their tainted milk from Grace’s stolen farm,
But a Nestle spokesman says “We are doing you no harm”
Millions of protestors will never eat their produce again,
Tainted now forever more, by Grace’s shame and pain.

Whilst pirates in Somalia, wreck havoc on high seas,
Grace Mugabe sets her sails, to tramp on whom she please,
Africa, land of black pirates, from Suez to Cape Town,
Their thirst for ill-gained riches, is truely world renown.

There is not one place in Africa, that is free of piracy,
From the great Sahara desert to the azure warm Indian Sea,
With license now to plunder, these swashbucklers everyone,
Are destined to destroy our Africa …our paradise in the sun.

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