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A World Of Pretend

A moon lit night
Stars as far as the eye could see
Sweet evening coolness
Gentle thoughts of thee

Love from a distance
A pure heart and a tender soul

You were real, love was make believe

A hope to guide along the rocky path, I was to face
You were the place that I could hide and forget all cares
Laughter and delight sang in your voice
Happiness and joy were born in my soul

A world of pretend
Making believe it could be

My fairy tale love from across the sea

Knowing you helped me to believe
If just for a season
You became the reason
I could dream again

Time a distance brought reality

Then one night against a crescent moon
I tied a crimson red ribbon to my dreams

So high above did they fly
Floating to the heavens and beyond
Up, up and away
To the land were fairy tales never end

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