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A death fanatic

Below the dark skies
In the unforgiving twilight winter
Outside the house that sighs
The moonlight feebly showed a mentor

He was a death mentor
Who believed it was the last thrill
And he was a woe lender
Who demanded nothing to his will

He sat at the cliff's edge
Enjoying the river below
Waiting for the fall of bridge
For a leap it was too low

Smiling to himself, he was proud
He knew the ways of life
' What fools these fellows sound
who live in scrimage and strife'

Said the death fanatic to the night
As if to hear the heavens laugh in unison
he felt he knew the might and sight of right
Blind to everything preoccupied by the vision

He looked around his woebegone world
For the last time dearly
the pine trees waved sadly to behold
That person white and pearly

How could he leave
But there is truth to perceive
What of the benevolent nature
He would miss it in the future

' But I've seen my pointless world
There is not another meaning left to find
Anyway my soul was sold
I have but woe to bind'

And saying so he jumped,
To the welcoming arms of death
Smiling his last grin of bliss
Luckily without an undone wish

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