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A Best Way To Liberation! (1)

As cage bird or imprisoned person we all live our life;
A soul in the body is like a prisoner in the prison here;
However joyful or sorrowful the life is freedom is bliss;
For which we all explore life, world, Nature and God!

Love makes man live in the world inspired by Nature;
Man knows love from Nature and lives better life;
Love of Art, beauty, Nature, music helps to live longer;
Due to love he lives family life far evolved from animals!

Fear is the opposing force of love perpetrated by animals;
Animals achieve all by the force of fear more than love;
But love of knowledge or education puts an end to fear
And knowledge by experience gives wisdom and culture!

Culture ennobles man from animals to live best life
As culture is best way of life based on best of acts
Covering best thoughts, best words and best deeds
Extensively satisfying all aspects of human activities!

Life is conscious existence enjoying bliss in the world;
Divine life is eternal conscious existence in bliss absolute!
Physical life is consciousness of soul powered by energy;
Divine life is consciousness of Universal Spirit everywhere!

Matter has evolved from energy powered by Universal Spirit;
Human body has time limit as all perishable commodities;
The soul within is the dropp of the Universal Soul everywhere,
That is the saturation or end point of all living souls here!

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