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There, within the dusty air.
Up there, millions of lights away,
Is where I heard an inconceivable pain that had
Never been uttered before.
Down there, between the shoulders of Jupiter and
Saturn is where the scream found me.
And when it did, it tore my heart to pieces and
Drained me of the empathy that I ever bestowed;
It surrounded me, ambushed me
And coiled around my soul and drained me…
Called upon me for my ever enduring sympathy.

There, where the fearless star shines rays of warmth and life,
Down there, I found a site that I had never set eyes upon.
A woman, naked, sat on a warm rock that burned blisters onto her tender flesh,
But she sat on it all the while; as if utterly oblivious.
Her hair was on fire and sent a cloud of smoke breathing through the sky.
Her screams turned into madness and
When I came closer, I found that it was Mater.
Her arms were chained by heavy hot cold chains that melted her flesh,
Causing every inch of her body to be flooded in blisters, blood, burning skin and puffs.

When she saw me, she began to scream even more wildly;
Turning from side to side and pointing at the beast that had imprisoned her.
The smoke rose even higher with each second and
The flames grew even more.
The Beast was rooting out her hair from every part of her body,
Digging through her flesh and setting her hair on fire.
The woman screamed, kicked
And begged for the mercy of the Beast.
But it kept on digging and cutting until some parts were dry and barren.

Near her heart, blood was exploding and
Running aimlessly in all directions due to the digging
And plowing that it flooded most of her skin.
Blood and water were as hot as the sun and
Melted her skin like butter instead of nourishing her dying body.
Her poor breast were being curved, cut and broken down into fine worthless dust.
Smoke in the air formed dark clouds riding black horses.
Riding to every part of the women's body, trapping and suffocating her.

High she stood, pleading, gasping for air and pleading,
Licking the beast's feet while screaming in pain.
With obliviousness and greed the beast burned
And plowed and sucked every life that was within her
And so her light grew dimmer
And the beast went hungry too.

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Scara Mungendje said on 04 May 2017:
I really love the rhythm of this poem, top-notch!


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