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If there will come a day when the people whom i love the most
Will leave me alone and lost
When the ones whom i trust the most
Will fade away and leave my way with their choice
Alone and lost
Ill cry the most

If there will come the day that
All my dear ones whom i loved the most
Become strangers and all the love that we have once shared
Fly away and get lost
Then ill lose my way beck to home
My heart will weep bloody tears
For those whom we love the most
When they hurt, , it hurts the most

If there will come the day when you my love return home
Then ill cry
And ill try
To not admire
And get lost

If you and i
Some day
One day
Half way
Meet once again
Oh no way
Ill look to your eyes
Just once again
Ill knee to kiss the ground
If some day if...
Then i can die...

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