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Such A Rainy Day

such a rainy day
she comes to my door
knocking for help
for some comfort in the coldness of a rainy day

some winds too strong
dry leaves blown to the other side
some trees giving to a crack to a fall

she comes on such a rainy day
she is wet and so pitiful to look at

her clothes pasting to her frail body of
a woman deserted

her hair uncombed and blown and scattered
she stands by my door

my brother left her just an hour ago

she is wet, her hair, her body some rain still drips

how can i forget her?

my brother did not love her and he left her

she is crying and her tears drip on her cheeks on her body

how can i be so cruel for not telling her

i love her so,

but she leaves, she is crying and the rain starts pouring again

she is only looking for my brother who left her

how can i help her?

she never utters my name

in her heart, i do not exist.

she loves him, he left her,

i love her, she leaves me

the rain keeps on pouring and fate plays so well like a crazy child

on us

on a rain that comes unplanned, unasked, and goes away unnoticed.

i stand on this door.

i have to close it,

fate does it always better.

i am that crazy child playing in the rain, in my brain

i am wet, my thoughts dripping like rain,

like droplets and my tears,

i am glad, my tears are invisible.

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