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For Me To Love You Baby, You Simply Have To Tell All The Lies....

so you are the topnotch of my choice
i have many of your kind of my illusions,
but you make it inside my heart and i feel so blessed
having you inside me, like i am a cup filled with honey
and you are not spilled even if i have to run away
fast like a water ski,
i like your form most, i set aside content,
form is more satisfying, with content i really have to wait a little longer, like talking to you, and listening and
and i have no time for all these sweet-nothings,
it is the form of your body, and it is the most important thing to me now, i who is lost in my
hunger-desire, own you love you take you forever whispers.

you know the truth, i never touched you.

when i leave this room and then they ask if i am a brute
a beast, a tiger with sharp killer teeth or a lion with a
sharp lovers claw, or an elephant with an ivory tusk that
amazes a lady hunter rolling in the hills like a top,
....tell them, i am all those metaphors.

for me to love you baby, you simply have to lie.

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