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A Tale Has So Many Modes

A Tale has so many modes,
Sometime smiles,
And sometime hums,
Sometime scares,
And sometime is scared;
It makes us weep,
It makes us laugh,
It erases and then makes us all,
The Tale helps us in annoyance,
I have a relation with it very old.

The Tale itself is Time,
She came today but was much troubled
And said to me,
“Friend! Sassi became decrepit
Amid the sands of deserts,
And your feet are perforated
With thousand of thorns,
And the very thorns have
Pierced your heart too, but you are
Still silent even today,
Death has stamped your fingers,
The lamp that you put on the palm,
Has been put out since long,
Only ashes remain behind,
Perhaps the traveler is lost
In the prison of the route,
That is why all over silences prevail
But the Tale comes every day,
To impart a new wound
In the bleeding heart.

Note: - Sassi is a character of a romantic folk tale.
By Fakhira Batool Translated By Muhammad Shanazar

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