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Feel the electricity in the air.
It strips me bare.
Embracing that which is so rare.
Enjoy this time that you are spare.
There is so little do you dare?
In this space your heart does race.
With the lights and music pounding in your face.
You feel the rush in disco rate.
Faster now the music pounds.
Electricity in the air surrounds.
We shed our troubles on the floor.
Knowing nothing of rich or poor.
Out here equal to the core.
Electricity through your body pours.
I dig this beat it's really sweet.
In this pulsing we both meet.
Sucking off the electric treat.
Our hair on end.
Electric shocks we send.
Our motivations we don't defend.
We want it now, we feel it bad.
Electricity thrills us too the end.
Every night we come to find.
Electricity that forever binds.
We have no need for common rhymes.
What we have is super fine.
So come and join our electric base.
You'll never find a deeper place.

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