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Thankfulness Is A Virtue

Thankfulness is a virtue,
That we shouldn't live without.

It fills us with immense happiness,
That is apparent from the inside, out.

When you recognize a blessing,
Thankfulness is the key,
To let someone know
That it meant something special,
To thee.

Thankfulness is a characteristic,
That no one should lack,

When someone gives,
Or does something
For someone else,

The thing to do,
Is to say,
'Thank You',
And to do a kind thing back.

Thankfulness isn't hard,
It Just takes a momentary while-

And one bright, heartfelt smile,
To brighten someone's day,
As they go along their way.

Thankfulness brings the most simple,
Yet most fullfilling reward,
To one, and all.

Thankfullness should be natural,
So there really is no reason,

Why we can't all be thankful,
On this Thanksgiving season.

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