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No One Can Remember Specifics

No one can remember specifics,
As to what they've done...
To affect the life of someone else.
Even though what was done had been premeditated.
And this depends on what career field they have chosen.

If anyone had looked at them,
With a raised eyebrow...
When they were just five years old,
That person can tell anyone...
What day it was, the time and date.
Weather conditions.
The model of the cars driving past on the street.
And the color of someone's eyes wearing sunglasses,
Two blocks away.

They can not recall beating someone to a pulp,
In high school.
Or being locked up in juvenile detention for the deed,
Six months before their high school graduation.
And that might have happened,
Just a few years prior to a decision that was made...
To embark on a political career.
Believing they could erase if they so chose to do it,
Any and all of their participation in wickedness.

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