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I Detest Those Kinds Of People

Do not interpret my giving...
Of an unsolicited opinion,
To be biased in any way.
Or as a passing of judgement.
I detest those kinds of people.

Why were those folks invited,
To this exclusive party?
They look as if,
They have an absence of social skills.
I hope I am not approached.
What on Earth would 'we' have in common?

And I know for a fact,
People who live where they live at...
Are not what you might say,
Mentally equipped to comprehend...
Any of the subjects we will be discussing.

Take a look at his shoes!
The last time they had a shine on them,
Was when he took them out of the box.
And that 'had' to have been many years ago.
I'll be right back.
I need a double scotch and ginger.

'I hear you.
I'm glad those people who pass judgement aren't here.
They would have a field day picking people like that apart.'

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