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Between You And Me

I already know the deal AND routine.
So there is nothing...
Nothing at all,
You have to prove to me!

You are absolutely convinced,
Pleasing me with a brand new Mercedes,
Will remove every single doubt...
You may perceive I have.
And make that with a supply of gasoline.
An all paid expense account,
To use at my leisure.
Let's see,
An incredible deliverance of all my foolish desires met.
At 'my' convenience.

Oh yes!
You needn't doubt my undying love and devotion,
Faithfully kept at all times.
I'll keep this between you and me.
Just in case someone else thinks,
You've chosen me as your most favorite child...
From all the many millions you have created.

'Or...? '
OR what?
'No deal.'

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