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In the Company of Heroes

In the Company of Heroes

The 506th is aging
Passing into history
Dick Winters now has fallen in
with Easy Company.

He did not like to speak of war,
once He was safely home.
-Excepting at reunions
Or, infrequently, by phone.

Still the story needs be told
to the generations next:
How they parachuted into France,
How they fought Hitler’s best.

How many left their youth behind
In hedgerows or in fields,
Or in the snow around Bastogne
which they refused to Yield.

He was the biggest brother.
He commanded Easy well.
He had the gift of leading men-
They would follow him to Hell..

He never wanted medals
Or acclaim for what he’d done.
In the company of heroes,
He never boasted he was one.

Some are old and crippled,
some forever young.
In that company of heroes
Each man did what must be done.

Somewhere Easy Company
is gathered all around.
As they place Dick Winters in the ground
Let a mournful trumpet sound.

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