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Will You? for friend Thad

The singing spring, a sacred well.
Is heard to sing so legends tell.
At midnight when the moon is full.
They say the singing’s wonderful.

So beautiful you are entranced
until the sunrise sets you free.
You basic nature is enhanced.
So you are changed; permanently.

The good become even better.
The wicked ones grow much worse.
These rules are followed to the letter.
Bring changes which you can’t reverse.

I was advised to stay indoors
on evenings when the moon was full
I disregarded this of course.
When you are young you play the fool

I did not believe the tales were true
So I resolved to check it out
a very foolish thing to do
But Now I know I have no doubt.

I was a young and headstrong fool
Although that does not change a thing.
I went there when the moon was full
And heard the singing of the spring.

That’s why I sit here on death row.
I grew to enjoy violence.
I killed a man with just one blow.
Although I pleaded self defence.

The jury found I was guilty.
I know I didn’t mean to kill.
The evidence convicted me.
It seemed to be an act of will.

It seems I can’t escape the fate
The sacred well foresaw for me
I know now when it is too late
I must fulfil the prophecy.

I can’t complain I made the choice
I should listened carefully
But no I had to hear the voice
I went there unbelievingly.

I should have known but I did not
Old legends are based on some truth.
That’s why the legends aren’t forgot.
Except by disbelieving youth.

I must accept the penalty
There is nothing I can do.
One morning they will come for me.
Not pleasant to look forward to.

So heed my words and heed them well.
Do not ignore the legends that you hear
The strange tales that the old wives tell.
Although their meanings are not clear.

It won’t harm you stay indoors
on evenings when the moon is full.
It is by far the wisest course.
It never hurts to be careful.

Although you are a modernist
and can’t believe the tales are true
The ancient legends still persist.
The question is my friend Will you?


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