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Wish I Could

Wished I could enjoy and celebrate
Give vent to my feeling and relate
Why I accept the challenge and don’t hate?
Special occasion as today is my birth date

Opened the eyes in glorious world
With His blessings in morning cold
Feeling warmth in mom’s fold
So nicely wrapped and affectionately hold

This is special occasion to thank all
Invite the close one on simple call
Share the feelings with good humour
Friends may share it with whisper and murmur

I take it as opportunity to rise from fall
Ready to cross hurdles or jump high wall
Respond to distress signal with immediate call
Humble approach so as not to look tall

I may not be intelligent but certainly not fool
May certainly develop warm relation but not cool
This is how I see life from different angle
Birthday may provide an opportunity to mingle

I know it has fallen short by one year
May not look pleasant to an ears
Life will be difficult to pull on and bear
Sordid affair, sad tales and tragic end to hear

Will it matter how much I lived?
What I professed and which faith believed?
Could I weep somebody’s tear and relieve his pain?
Can that be termed as good will gesture and gain?

I shall not stand at successful gate
All will not praise and may start to hate
Still I believe it is reality and not too late
Should not consider it simple luck or fate

Life may be over in friction of second
No one will accompany including friend
If we can prove and succeed for messages to send
Death may descend but with peaceful end

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