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Play of togetherness

Yes nice play of togetherness
Feel nothing different with total oneness
They need no empire or vast land
Come together only to become friends

Nothing to bother not even house
Only sweet passions to rouse
Act may bring so much happiness and melody
Apart from playing part assigned by nobody

Do the birds care about norms?
Are they in touch or well informed?
They know the arrival of spring
They have only to wait for surprises to bring

They need no material to build nest
They have their own are as best
No art, no labor but little care
Penetration in nest nearly impossible to dare

No scientific medium to air the music
Peace and melody with so much magic
Anybody may stop on the way and watch
Try desperately to have glimpse and catch

How much closeness with mother earth?
Roots deep in and to hold for worth
May never fail or create shortage
Peaceful living with clear message

I heard sparrows have disappeared
Near extinction and new births totally feared
No more colorful birds may be seen on our window
We have smashed the nests and new one did not allow

We face Tsunami and murderous cyclones
Uproot completely and leave behind bones
Will we not take any note of disasters?
Will not hear call from our divine masters?

Birds do for us nice singing
Bright sunshine with little warning
Let us be friendly with entire creatures
We can build and leave with happy future

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