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No Man's Land

“No man’s land” I was intrigued and puzzled at this statement
Not an inch is left all over land including pavements
Not even impenetrable lands including poles
Even though they stand apart yet we found in some loop holes

For rich arguments sake, we can create some land
Where humans are not allowed to stay and land
As it exists in North Pole to carry out experiments
If same is followed else where can be seen as heavenly sent

Not a single stretch is left where we have not staked claim
Sky is fully covered with parking zones and slots
Each degree or angle is photographed and calibrated
Not a single inch of space is left alone or unrelated

We have fought enough on this holy land
Not we eye on distant objects with clear stand
At home level we have enough of misery and starvation
Yet it is considered as mile stone and matter of elation

It is good to explore and know the universal secrets
It is nice to share and made it known or other’s let
Yet it our first priority should be with humanity base
What ever may be the compelling reason or mad chase?

Let some areas remain unexplored even if we agree for some sake
We have enough to explore at and improve upon which is at stake
It won’t help if moon has water or mars had enough of air
The worst affected population must have chances very fair

We have failed to control floods and volcano eruption
The hazardous polluted measures and its disruptions
Why can’t we find alternate energy to prove much awaited relief?
Strengthen the cause for what we are and open a new leaf

We spend enormous amount on the unexplored mission
Find nothing in hand and suffer here with population explosion
Many die in starved state and land remain barren for the want of rain
Let us explore on this beautiful land try to relieve the agony and pain

We have no right to shed crocodile tears for human causes
Every time precious lives are lost with innumerable losses
We have nothing to offer them as alternatives to descent life
How long will we be playing unfair games with their neck on knife?

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