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May rise again

Friends, All I read with great anguish
You are waging a battle for fight to finish
Still no hope of solution or end in sight
When tunnel will find its bright light

This all happening in our own land
Whom we then call foe or friend?
Our biggest enemy is in control of affair?
Where can we expect everything as fair?

I cry with pain and shed tears
Nothing more to side with you than to bear
We have vitiated the whole land with dishonor
I don't know what we are fighting for

Far flung areas suffer from neglect
We have not time to cater the need and act
All running in the name of God and almighty
What else to feel other than pity?

Though rich in culture and heritage
Still we live in tradition with old age
No one to care and no one to take forward
No means to live with any of the standard

I hear lot many stories for tortures
This can not be seen as bright future
What else do we have to nurture?
How can we make it fix tenure?

Still we live in prime age
Keep humans with chain and in cage
We have nothing to inscribe on the page
No desires left except to burn with rage

I will rise from the grave
I will be that much brave
But not when I am still alive
It is very difficult to survive and live

What to talk of freedom?
It appeals for nothing and heard seldom
It has lost its original charm
In freedom and liberty there is more harm

What will we live for our next generation?
Witness of prisons, ghettos or camps of concentration
Tortures and unbearable pain undergone or humiliation
Was this the award for hard efforts for alleviation?

I shall like to close the eyes and breathe last
It is pushing me to the corner very fast
I have no love left for hollow words
Staying in middle without looking forward or backward

The world has yet to witness the cruelty
It is attributed to our system which is faulty
How can one decide the fate of millions?
When they know nothing or have any liens?

I curse not for their negligence
But prefer to live with such ugly presence
Shall opt for no more violence
Life has become hell unbearable hence

*I may rise again from the grave*

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