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The Life Of Man

The life of man here in this world is an adventure and one of self discovery
the emphasis being in searching for something that is lost and its recovery.
Through the accumulation of knowledge man gains a little wisdom
but it's only with self knowledge does he ever attain true freedom.

Man's life isn't only that which is confined between birth and death
but includes that between death and rebirth and beyond in breadth.
A human being is not just a creature with only a body and a mind
but is also a soul which is of a spiritual nature or essence in kind.

The life of man undergoes many ups and downs in his worldly travail
and is only after much struggle here beyond it he then also has to sail.
The body and world are like prisons from which he longs to find a way out
and it's from within himself only does the right answer ever come about.

Man's life is caught between many opposites his reason can't fully comprehend
but then reason is limited to the mind and beyond it does not normally extend.
It's through a spiritual awakening his mind can get a glimpse of something more
and so begins another journey of man's life in which his soul lies the secret shore.

The life of man is like a paradox and man himself is also an engma
and through all his dealings in life usually gains unwanted stigma.
By thoughts and actions man can either achieve freedom or bondage
in that play of knowledge and ignorance then lies his fateful heritage.

Man's life becomes what he knowingly or unknowingly makes it out to be
but behind all his efforts and accomplishments he really strives to get free.
It's by questioning his individual existence in relation to a universal one he may find
that he is a very part and parcel of That Whole to which also belongs all of mankind.

The life of man has many meanings and it's to one or a few of them people cling
as the world goes round some people, with all their heart and mind, often sing.
These songs of life not only do tell of man's inner yearnings and aspirations
but also sing of his eventual freedom in past, present or future generations.

Man's life is accomplished when he realizes and identifies with his hidden soul
and life's purpose or meaning has brought him to that actual and common goal.
The life of man is an eternal one and can be known through and by The Truth
which is really a song of Infinite Love and can give man his freedom forsooth.

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