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Here If You're Ready

hay there lady
i couldn't help but see you across the room
i wanted to go and talk to you
but you had something else to do
that's why i waited a little longer
before i tried to make my move
'cause girl i have nothing to prove
i just want to be with you ya baby
that's why i'm
here if you're ready
i'm not gonna waste my time
a love like this is hard to find
i can't get you off of my mind

and girl i'm not afraid to let my feelings show
i just wanna get you all alone
and maybe i could take you home
and we could chill for a minute
and get to know eachother a little bit more
turn off the lights and close the door
no one could ever love you more

that's why i'm here
and i'm not gonna waste my time (here if your ready)
a love like this is hard to find (here if your ready)
and i can't get you off my mind

baby if you want me
don't be afraid to tell me
if you want to get together
then let your feelings show


song performed by All-4-One from All-4-OneReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Lucian Velea
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