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This Journal Of Mine

I have written a book of memories,
It is stored inside my mind,
And recorded on its pages,
Are many stories all entwined.

Journeys through my childhood,
And on into my teenage years,
Then reaching full maturity,
Sampling a variety of careers.

It only takes a few seconds,
This journal of mine to access,
Encountering joy and sorrow,
Tears of pain and happiness.

Experiences and adventures,
Lots of hellos and goodbyes,
People all intermingled,
In my conscience, which personifies.

These memories are forever,
Full documents of all my days,
Filed away for my future reference,
Enabling entry by the use of replays.

I have written a book of memories,
Into which I just love to delve,
And wander back to times gone by.
Let me recall when I was twelve!

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Labib said on 08 August 2020:
That last line hit me, hard.


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