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I Now Know Why

(I now know why is the second verse of don't know why,
The change of name explains the importance of the sun in the sky)

cause now I'm just a lost soul in my own town
I keep walking to no where with my head down
you wanna hear me but I can't find a noun
my heart is so empty its like a house
remember what it used to be like
we'd had freinds every night
he sang a song and you played a tune
I was so lonley in a crowded room
celebrating departure
on this sunday theres no our father
for all his good he makes it harder
on his cloudy day he makes it darker
so I do what I do best and run
one bullet awaits through the eye of a gun
I find our little house of fun
I'm just waiting for the sun
cause when it rises I won't need you to come.

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