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In my dreams

In my dream i'm not alone,
In my dreams everything's right,
In my dreams you're stood beside me,
You're arms wrapped around me,
Never wanting you to let go,

But i wake up,
And realise,
You're never coming back,
That i'll never feel your love,
Hear you warm heart beating in your chest,
As i lie my head upon you,

I realise that i'm in real life,
Where hearts break without making a sound,
Where love involves pain, hurt, sacrifice,

I hold onto you with both arms,
Begging for you to stay,
For you not to leave,

But you went,
Left me alone,
In this world of pain,
World of horror,

I hold it in,
Stay strong,
Be brave,
Try and hide my scars,
That want to shine,

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