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Explore your potential and earn the heart of the world

Village mud road
Afternoon and the hot sun
A buffalo in its own slow pace
On its back a half naked boy
Sweat droplets twinkling

Seated and enjoying a mango
Making all efforts to extract
The entire flesh upto the seed

A clean and white seed
Now in his hand
Aiming to hit a crow
Sitting on a milestone
Innocently glancing left and right
Threw the seed at his full speed

Thank God, the crow flew unhurt

The seed finding its way
To a mud-ridden drain
With its drowning deep
Bubbles appearing
Pronouncing the end of
A mango fruit

But it was only a beginning

The seed fighting all odds
Sprouted establishing
In the stinking waste water drain

Growing steadily
To a sapling first
Then to a big tree
Now standing tall
With branches in all directions
Bearing sweet fruits
Now being exported and
Earning foreign exchange

Apparently a useless seed
Had this potential
Which when rightly exploited
Earned global recognition

Explore your potential and
Earn the heart of the world

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