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The girl, The Gun, and The Suicide

My name is Anonymous
And I'm gonna tell you a story
The begining's dull, the middle's depressing
And the end is rather gory
There was a girl who lived in
A small suburban town
Where no matter you go
You see someone you know around
Her life was mostly good
But one major thing was bad
Her mother was an angel
While she had a devil for a dad
He was a sexist bastard
Who liked to beat women
He'd married and divorced three times
All three times, they left him
He also beat his daughters
Untill the eldest ran away
And left the younger dangling
On a rope that was all fray
Finally the younger, knowing
That her life was done,
Decided to go out with a bang
And blew her brains out with a gun
Her soaked through the carpet
And how her mother cried
And that's the end of my story called
The girl, the gun, and the suicide

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