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Quotes about luan

Ouyang Xiu

Heaven's Aspect, the Water's Colour

Heaven face water colour west lake good
Cloud creature all fresh
Gull egret idle sleep
Follow habit normal listen pipe string

Wind clear moon white incline proper night
One piece beautiful land
Who envy horse luan bird
Person in boat on then be immortal
Heaven's aspect, the water's colour- West Lake is good.
Creatures in the clouds all fresh,
Gulls and egrets idly sleep,
I follow my habit as of old, listen to pipes and strings.

The wind is clear, the moon is white, the night is almost perfect.
One piece of beautiful land,
Who would crave a steed or phoenix?
One man on his boat is just like an immortal.

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Added by Dan Costinaş
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Ancient Air

I climb up high and look on the four seas,
Heaven and earth spreading out so far.
Frost blankets all the stuff of autumn,
The wind blows with the great desert's cold.
The eastward-flowing water is immense,
All the ten thousand things billow.
The white sun's passing brightness fades,
Floating clouds seem to have no end.
Swallows and sparrows nest in the wutong tree,
Yuan and luan birds perch among jujube thorns.
Now it's time to head on back again,
I flick my sword and sing Taking the Hard Road.

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Added by Poetry Lover
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Solitude I &II

Joined in blood and ancestry to the
absurdity of your impetuous absence
are the cryptic crisscrossing lines
or the eddies of your detached dandelion
your way of seeing conceiving solitude
but that was 2002 and you bore me in 2007
so its not me it’s the other guy
we never talked about
adding to the ravages of your wasteland
this reptile! gnawing at your innards
at right angles -you know I hate maths! !
but then I remember something
that you never told me
its about that absence
the mauves, the grays and blues
all of me and none of you

* A narration of paintings by my Muskroot in acrylic and collage on luan panel presently hung somewhere in the solitude of University of Connecticut, USA. Poem is incomplete without the painting! !

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Added by Poetry Lover
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