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The Rain of Love

The wind blows to and fro,
A sparrow sings from a nearby tree,
A radio plays a local gospel tune.
Responding to a car horn,
The gate man rushes to open the gate.
The sparrow still persists with its natural tune,
The radio presenter interrupts the music,
The car swims in and screeches to a halt.
The wind stills, the sparrow stops singing, the radio snaps off.
And all is quiet, just quiet.
A thick black cloud spreads itself across the sky,
Darkening the scene, chilling the air.
A warm still tender-like smile splashes from the car,
Seems to increase the temperature,
Countering the chilling effect of the cloud.
Clad, clad, clad, the steps grew louder and louder and louder
Dap dap dap, the drops fell, thick drops felling
The steps stop, the car door opens, clutch hand in hand the two mutter into the mansion
But at least the drops fell on them
The drops intensify into a gush
A continuous gush takes over….

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