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The Mirror And The Reflection

I look into a mirror, who is it that I see?
This person cannot be me, can she?
Her smile scares me
The person she is
Is not the person I am
What is in her eyes
Is grief
No emotions that is happy
What happened with the girl infront of me?
What made her so sad?
She smiles again
That sends shivers down my spine
Her tears make me cry
She falls and me not long after
We cry
There is just grief
Nothing can make us stop crying
Oh dear god
I look at my hands
The tears won't stop falling
Why is it that I am crying?
I am not that girl
I am not sad
I look up to the mirror
Maybe another sight will stand there
The mirror falls
Soon there is not just tears in my hand
There is also blood
Blood that stained from my heart
And as I realize, That girl was indeed me
The one I will be come
The one with a broken heart
The one with a dying fate
But that I already knew
And as I lie there
The reflection on the shattered mirror
Laughs with a sad pain in her voice

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