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Sanasai! The Mother of Distinct Nations with Common Myths

An anonymous southern land
A faraway south eastern land
A remote south eastern land
In a drifting ocean….

Appearing the sun and moon on a cannibal island
The mother of distinct nations with common myths in Taljouwan
The same tongue of an unspoken origin
The snakes emerged
Tangling the gloomy sky of hundred folds
Crawling the dark ground of thousand miles
Only pair of brother and sister remained
Potsok and Raya
Embracing and burgeoning the light amid heaven and earth
The penis up-heaved the great loneliness
A stone-like hard glans with red blood vessels
Sucking the water from the hole of vulva
The secretion
Spraying and submerging a flood
Could not be blocked
Producing the descendants

Flood was a regret of no subsidence

Potsok and Raya
Naked to prostrate on the top of Tamima
The high waves impetuously rushed Tamima through Sanasai
in the bottom sea
Initiated an unknown grand drift of ocean

How many layers of waves drifted?
How deep the trench flowed?
How distant the sunbeam, moonlight and starlight floated?

Tamima anchored aside Kavorongan
An island in the sea
Descending the Spring and Autumn
Appearing the Summer and Winter
The flood subsided
By countless time
Kavorongan, the island
Protruding the Mt. Da Woo

The beginning the insignificance
The meaning was discovered unexpectedly
Island found the width of sea
Drifting found the weariness of origin
The blowing wind found the ambient tranquility
Fire found the temperature of air
Cold and heat found the countenance of weather
Quietness found the root of sound
Thirsty felt the heat relieved by water drinking
Hunger and repletion felt the deficiency and suffice

Potsok and Raya
Down the mountain abiding at Panapanayan
No grains there
Yet plenty the grains in Votol
Potsok and Raya stretched out from Panapanayan
Through the banyan tree
Overseas to Votol
They stole the grains hiding in the ear at first time
Failed by the discovery of the Votols
The second time hiding in the mouth
Failed again
They third time hiding in vagina and foreskin
Successfully brought back the grains

To thank for Votol
Panapanayan honored a rite to Votol

At the seashore of Katunuman
By contributing wine, grains and Parisi on altar
Every year after harvest
Kavorongan Mt. Da Woo
The sacred mountain of Potsok and Raya
A resurrection of drifting lives
Panapanayan honored a rite to Kavorongan
By contributing wine, grains and Parisi on altar

Drifts showed gratitude to mountains
The freeze of the waves
The direction of the ridges
The tide altered, exchanging
The firmness and commitment of land

Thank to Votol by implanting grains
Grain is the golden light of sun rising above the ocean
Crystallized from the east island in every dawn
Grain is profusion
A divine protector of the nation

Spreading the hundred thousands of grain clusters
The descendants of Potsok and Raya
The first son Tipso-raya
The second daughter Tamoho-raya
The third daughter Sumaor-raya, bred son Avora and daughter Rumon
The forth daughter Takid-raya
The fifth son Torisuris-raya
The sixth son Apotoko-raya
The seventh son Avango-raya
The eighth son Sung-raya

The first son Tipso-raya became North wind
The second daughter Tamoho-raya became South wind
The third daughter Sumaor-raya became West wind
Her son Avora became Snow and daughter Rumon became Rain
The forth daughter Takid-raya went north
Became the ancestor of Volaka(western people) and Ripon (ancestor of Japanese)
The fifth son Torisuris-raya went to Long Kiau
Became the ancestor of Pairang
The sixth son Apotoko-raya
Overseas from Green Island to Monkey mountain
Then migrated to Arapanai
Becoming the ancestor of Puyuma
The seventh son Avango-raya north bounded to Da Kang Ko along the coast
Becoming the ancestor of Rarangus and Tsiopur
The eighth son Sung-raya north bounded to Hua Lien along the coast
Becoming the ancestor of Kariawan

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