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Only A Fool, Would Say 'No', To Real Love...

Unselfish Love … Is Real Love
Real Love, Is Self-Sacrifice and Sacred Love … (1 Cor.13: 4-13)
And Supportive Love and Worthy-Symbolic Love
Inspired and Sure and Simple and … Sizeless Love

… and Only A Fool, Would Not Wear, Real Love

Real Love … Is Really True Love
And Those Who Do Love
Will Love’ YOU’, Love
Even, If Many Or Just A Few, To Love

… but Only A Fool, Would Say No, To Real Love

Devoted Love … Is Also Real Love
And Real Love, Is Dedicated To It – Love
And More Than Just A Duty, Love
It’s A Higher-Ideal and Diplomatic Love

… and Only A Fool, Would Not Desire, Real Love

Only Real Love, Is Between: Two-As-One Love
For Real Love, Seals The Bond, ‘Til It’s Done, Love
Real Love, Is As Strong As Death Is, Love … (Canticles 8: 6)
Only Real Lovers, Know and Understand This Power of Love

… but A Fool, Will Never Fathom, This Kind Of Love

Real Love … In Case Of Emergency, Breaks The Glass
Real Love … Can Erase, Or Soothe Pain In Past
Real Love … Conquers ‘All’, In Its Path!
Real Love … Will Forever and Everlast …

… really, Only A Fool, Would Say No, To Real Love

Real Love … Is Inimitable and Intense Love
It Is Forgiving … and No Pretense-Love
It Rises, Like Sparkling, Perfumed Incense or Mist-Love
To Love Like This, Makes Good Sense, Love

… for, Only A Fool, Would Say No, To Real Love

Real Love’s Beauty … Is As Big, As The Sky Above
Real Love’s Chorus, Is As Glorious, As Poets Speak Of

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