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High School Days Of Haze

High school days of haze

Awakened in a twilight zone
Of a mindset of self-doubt
And indulgence.
Where each day fathoms
a pretentious existence
Of what is real doesn't matter
And what matter isn't real

High school days of haze

Strapped in a wrist
Is scared secrecy
Of a friendship bracelet
Plastered in the mimicry
Of Smiley faces
That will cut you,
In words and rumors

High school days of haze

Will birth a bully
Out of tombstone
And give rise to young dolts
Of cowardly endeavors;
that collects a heterogeneous mix
as in a fine filter of friends
From foes

High school days of haze

Where originality is a desire
Sough, but rarely obtained
the indifferent have
Found their difference
In a society of poise
The awkwardly corky
Grim in their authenticity
cultivates success
With hard work and creativity

High school days of haze

Where half dreaming
Become half wakefulness
So better smell the roses
For the throne have spikes
and the dartboard is you.

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