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Fate of the Fallen

You represent yourself, full of dignity and courage,
tell me just how you let yourself go,
to come around and settle for less,
i guess there is no stopping you,
it makes you feel sane,
scars can't begin to explain,
cause it something you don't understand,
your gutting yourself cause,
you have time,
it's what you feel,
destroy yourself,
a gift you got from a good friend,
the courage to love yourself,
the degree of your mistakes,
a riot your in the middle of,
the things, you didn't think about,
or consider, that there's no stopping,
your closest to the furthest you have been,
you can't begin to tell me, cause i won't understand,
or have any interest in believing,
your time is worthy of mine,
you believe it's something that you deserve,
you have settled on a desolate of the eternal,
but there is no stopping you,
your guilt driven, to offer,
readily available, by your type,
your evolution of the common man,
into the vortex your sanity is drawn,
your common sence is forgotten,
your memories burned at the stake,
to be left to the earth,
to decide your fate.

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