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Beauty Of Little Droplets

Dew on a grass tip dreams sunlight.
Entire world reflects on it, hangs precariously.
A dry banyan leaf floats in current of deluge.
Time passes through a whirlpool.
Atlas shrugs a little for a breather,
making world shiver in cold sweat.

Your diamond nose ring glitter on,
thoughts from depth of my heart.
An exotic lotus blooms by grace of sun

Pearly droplet of breast milk still,
shines on babies pink lips.
As it rolls down her chin, tears flow,
happiness cascade arching a smile.
Scanty dry words are feeble to sketch a simile.

Outside, rain and sunlight together erects,
scenery of misty divine canopy.
Slowly world creeps on knees.
Astonished child cries, toddle into vastness of life
Oh, mother hold my hands take me along,
before I vanish in arid plains of this wilderness.

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