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Lenexa Baptist Church = The Power Of Love


The power of love transforms our soul
As we live for deliverance from sin.
Ready to defend and protect what’s right
Loving our Lord, family or friend.

Ester saved her people by the power of love
And changed the way an evil king behaved.
She prayed to God and trusted His grace
And the lives of her people were saved.

Down through history from Adam till now
Man has always suffered from sin.
When we completely discount the laws of God
All that we love can come to its end!

The power of love is always among us
As God loves us more than we love our own.
He watches, punishes, directs and rewards
As the seeds of our behavior are sown.


You may feel that you’re lost from God
But He has never been lost from you.
God never walks away from His children
Despite all the foolish things we do.

Doubting causes us to stay fearful and isolated
Never to rise above thoughts of our own.
We need to believe and trust in God
As the seeds of His glory are sown.

God has His purpose for every problem
Teaching us our need for the power of His will.
When we truly summit and abide to His word
All we believe will fortify and fulfill.

The most important blessing that happens in life
Is accepting Christ as our Savior and Son of our Lord.
The price we pay as a nonbeliever
Is far more than a mortal can afford.

Never listen to the Devil for he is a liar
And all that he stands for is wrong.
Turn your eyes toward God and focus on His love
As His passion for us we sing in a song.


Father we pray You will deliver us from evil
And fill us with Your mercy and love.
We pray for Your wisdom and understanding
To guide us to Your kingdom above.

We pray for those who ignore Your Grace
And deny you as their Lord and king.
Help us to know the power of Your will
For Your deliverance is everything.

All of us have sinned at some point in our life
And discovered our actions had a cost.
We pray for forgiveness from transgressions
As we testify God’s salvation to the lost!

Praise our Lord for His heavenly Blessings
And the divine love we feel within.
He delivers us from the dark side of life
To rise above wrong to be born again.


All men’s desires are justified in their own mind
But it’s God who weighs what the eye cannot see.
Just as our intentions are to plan for the future
It’s how we respond that decides what will be.

The hateful and the selfish never go unpunished
For they have turned their back on the Lord.
A wise man shuns what is ungodly and corrupt
While fools pursue all they can never afford.

The heart of the righteous seek God’s wisdom and grace
As the mouth of the wicked spews forth hate.
The faithful never lie, cheat or give false witness
For Christ is their Shepard without hesitation or debate.

Evildoers practice what is unclean, wicked and cruel
As sinfulness drips from their lips of fire.
They justify the guilty and denounce the just
Who heed God’s laws through faith, love, devotion and desire.


I’m broke, busted and disgusted
But I always have hope because of the Lord.
He is aware of my every problem and fear
And the mistakes I’ve made I could never afford.

The joy of faith adds length to life
Where the pleasures of the wicked cut it short.
All must someday stand before God
Fore He is the Judge of heaven’s court.

God’s blessings crown the head of the righteous
As violence overwhelms the lives of the lost.
The faithful hate all which, is evil or false
Where the wicked ignore every consequence and cost.

The teaching of God’s love and the sacrifice of Christ
Is the foundation of Christian existence.
The wisdom of God is our armor of faith
To protect us from Satan’s wrath of persistence.

The path of uprightness avoids what is evil
Where the highway of downfall seeks it all.
A wise man heeds his Father’s instruction
While the mockers of faith refuse His call.


When we refuse to listen or take to account
The words, laws and commandments of our Master,
He will send us a curse upon our blessings
Changing everything to fear, hate and disaster.

Who can endure the day of His coming,
And who can stand tall as He appears?
Only those who have committed their heart and soul
To serve God with their blood, sweet and tears.

Give thanks to God for His divine deliverance
Make known His blessings among the crowd.
Sing forth His praise with trust and love
And life will become more peaceful and proud.


Confidence that conquers is a glorious blessing
Look what a boy named David was able to do.
He toppled the giant and became a great King
All because he had confidence in his faith and God too.

When we completely believe in the will of our Lord
We have confidence we can do anything He ask us to.
We say our prayers and confront problems whatever
As God teaches us through faith what to say and do.

Faith, love and confidence are the greatest predictors of life
To determine if we are blessed, happy and successful.
As we loose our confidence it affects our ability to triumph
Over all which keeps us staying ungodly and fearful.

Confidence is powerful when we have total trust in the Lord
For He has plans for all to justify, sanctify and serve.
God calls us to rise by faith, love and confidence
Repenting from wickedness to the life we deserve.


When we accurately realize that our intimacy with God
Determines the impact of our lives and attitude.
We avoid doing anything that dishonors Him
Or our own self worth, humility and gratitude.

Recognizing that God The Father knows the path ahead
Far better than any politician, preacher or teacher.
We submit ourselves to respond to His call
As we struggle to be more than a wicked creature.

Always stay mindful of what must be done
With purpose, determination, prayer and accountability.
Giving your best to provide, protect and preserve
A life of freedom, faith, love and stability.

You and I some day shall stand before God
And give an account for our actions to measure.
Never give up and walk away from His grace
Lost in a world of impureness and ungodly pleasure.

Christians have a deep hunger and yearning for Gods approval
The ultimate purpose He created us to faithfully be.
Our intimacy with God is a relationship of love and trust
The more we pray and actually listen the more we become as He.


The Bible teaches us that all humans are sinful
And the only way to the Father is by grace.
Offered through the sacrifice of Jesus our Lord
As we struggle to rise above failure, greed and disgrace.

What do we do when we feel anxious, lost and alone?
We cry out to the Lord with our burdens, sins and fears.
We can be assured God will meet our needs
For He is aware our pain, suffering and tears.

For believers are called to emulate Christ
Through our obedience, trust and servitude.
Be thankful of heart and share your blessings
As a testament of our faith and gratitude.


Christians are connected to God’s power and magnificence
Who has authority over everything that transpires.
He loves to hear the prayers from our heart
And provide us blessings that fulfill our desires.

Because God was the first to love us completely
He always gives us more than we deserve.
It’s up to us to stand up for God
And glorify His love by our willingness to serve.

There’s nothing more exciting and satisfying
Than our companionship with Jesus our Lord.
He teaches us what to shun, reject and avoid
Having consequences we could never afford.

Our lives are transformed and are never the same
Once Jesus has taken His appropriate place.
On the throne of our heart, conscience and soul
To deliver us from Satan’s shame, dishonor and disgrace.

By God’s Poet Tom Zart
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