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Greed Makes For Tight Friends

'You're my very good friend' she said
We have so much in common...
All the plans and schemes-hopes and dreams...! ! !
And the use of our most gifted Shaman;

'Do ya think that we can get away with this'she asked
I mean ya know whats been said...
That too many cooks often wreck the stew...!
Causin' our plans to fall down dead;

'I mean i'm a little worried that we might get exposed' she said
And if we are what would we all do? '
Would we all turn on one another...
About our: 'Greed Green Back Stew'? ;

'I'm sorry i've got these doubts'-she said
But ya know that they are viable...
I'm just scared almost 'Honest'...
In the face of possible libel;

Cuz i've heard that what goes 'round often comes back to you...
And ya know that Karma thing is usually true...
Plus its been said that the root of all evil is: Greed...!
And in the end we will reap all that we do;

I know that we are tight friends and ALL...
But golly Gee-golly Sun...
Just have this feeling in my gut...
We're all going to be punished for the things we have done;

Forget about friends in high places or relatives there...!
Forget about those who said they would always care...! !
Cuz ya know in the end if we fall it was cuz we were exposed bare...
And what we have coming to us is only fair;

A write about the many different rings that operate in the world
Its victims and the consequences that follow after many years and
Years of long and expensive hidden investigation. Rings that operate as a network making victims out of ordinary people like you and me Who try to take from us what is rightfully ours.
Don't you be a victim too!

Underneath The Umbrella

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