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apj Indonesia’s Torturous Democracy?

Indonesia is a sprawling
archipelago nation
of 237 million people.

Indonesia emerged
from decades
of dictatorship
as recently as 1998.

Indonesia continues
to make
strides toward democracy...

however a weak
limp legal system
continues to be
a hot black spot.

torturing suspects
'the norm' in Indonesia
routine police perks

routine law enforcement
torture suspects convicts
extract corrupt confessions

“Indonesian law enforcers
routinely torture suspects
and convicts to extract
confessions or obtain

information... beatings,
intimidation and rape are
so commonplace they are
considered the norm.”

Jakarta-based Legal Aid Foundation Report

Restaria Hutabarat said the group's report
found police beatings intimidation rape
are commonplace considered routine norm

“few victims believe
they have the right
to lodge complaints”

police intimidation beatings raping suspects
few terrorized victims lodge complaints
Boy Rafli Amar will make changes if necessary

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