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The Priceless Gift Of Motherhood

You have always been the best friend to me,
teaching and showing me what others could not see.
Blessing me with everything you do,
even when other showed me hatred with their boo.
You are the greatest gift to humanity,
and without you there will be no human community.
Your love can never be compared to none,
even in times of sadness you always bring fun.
Eachtime i think of the pains you went through for my sake,
helps to bring me bad memories that i can't take.
Especially the tears you sheard at the time of my birth,
makes me wish that you alone should be free from death.
I can't imagine the pain of carrying me for 270 days,
that is why i feel like thanking you in a million ways.
Thanks for the time you had sleepless night,
and thanks for every dream you made right.
Thanks for all the love and care,
and also thanks for wiping away all of my tears.
Thanks for believing in me when others didn't,
and thanks for blessing me with your love when others couldn't.
Thanks for all of your moral lessons,
and thanks for all of your maternal blessings.
Thanks for always watching my back,
and thanks for being the light in my dark.
Thanks for all of your delicious food,
and thanks for making me the best in the hood.
Thanks for bearing all of my botherings,
and thanks for sharing all of my sufferings.
Thanks for the gift of life,
and thanks for being part of my life.
Thanks for being part of my success story,
and thanks for being part of my tale alleglory.
Thanks for being the best treasure i could ever find,
and thanks for your support when am lagging behind.
I just can't thank you enough for every thing you have done,
right from the moment i was born.
Thanks once more for making me a human,
because all of your love and care made me a super-human.
I value you more than silver and gold,
because you are the sweetest mum in the world.

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