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My child, no matter what you do
No matter what happens to you in this life of exile
Regardless of all the difficulties that you encounter
I am always with you because
I will never leave you.

My child, try to live your life with much care and candor
Try to live your life with much discipline and truth
But even if you fail and stumble in your efforts
I will always be there to lift you up because
I will never leave you

My child try to avoid all occasions that may cause evil
When faced with a choice between the broad and easy path in life and the narrow and difficult one
Come to me and I will show you how the seemingly easy path is fraught with danger
I will show you the ultimate rewards of the narrow and difficult path because
I will never leave you

My child try not to stray from the good that should always prevail
You will often be enticed by reasoning and false logic to embrace the apparently easy and convenient way that ultimately leads to evil
Yet I am there, hoping that with your will that is free, you will eventually perceive your perilous journey ahead because
I will never leave you

My child, life is made up of many instances of pain and sorrow, of overwhelming problems that seem insurmountable
Take heart, for all things pass, yet if matters appear too harsh
Remember me and compare your difficulties with what I went through in my Agony
And you will see things in a new light, a different perspective because
I will never leave you

My child, there will indeed be times in your life when you will feel all is lost
That you have been left alone with your problems
But if you go deeper into your apparent isolation, you will see that it is you who have left me because
I will never leave you

My child always come to me with your problems with all your needs
Do not be afraid to ask me for I am rich, very rich and I will always give you what is for your own good
Through the difficulties you may encounter, remember that I will always be there for you because
I will never leave you

My child will you endure these few problems that come to your life?
Carry whatever load comes your way for love of me
I promise you that you will find rest because my Yoke is easy and my burden is light
Through the crosses that come your way, you will only bear a sliver of the timber and I will carry the rest of the heavy cross for you because
I will never leave you

My child will you do something for me in return?
Come to me whenever you can, I am present in all the Tabernacles of the world
In churches in chapels in prayer rooms, there I wait for you in solitude
Waiting hoping for even just a flicker of recognition from you because
I will never leave you

My child love me for I thirst so much for your love
You will be able to love me much when you love me in others the lonely, the sick, the abandoned, the unloved, and above all, the needy
Give to all who need much for it is to me that you give and even if you have nothing to give, you can always give the alms of a smile
You will never find me wanting in reciprocating your love for
I will always love you back a hundredfold, because I love you so much and
I will never leave you

Note: for your meditation from the Little Soul Sisters

After reading, reflect; be still for a few minutes in gratitude to our Lord for inspiring you with his words of wisdom. Let him rest in your heart. Feel the peace with Him on this special moment. Praise Him.

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