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Lebanon: Mountains, Meadows, Springs and Sea In The Same Sphere

And you ask me ' why
Do you love Beirut,
And Lebanon as a whole'?
Well, it is a requited kind of love,
For Lebanon love s me as well,
I can only reply
Saying can't you see
How it could heal
My physical
And psychological
Scars and wounds;
Is there a place
Like Beirut,
I wonder.

Now I am in Iowa,
But Lebanon sent Maria,
For me,
Maria is a Lebanese virgin
All of Lebanon is embodied in
The beauty of her face:
Her hair ‘s colour is like Al-Bekaa' s hay
Her white complexion
I s like Al-Arz' snow
And all the beauty
All the anger and calmness;
All the sadness
And tears
Of the Mediterranean waves
Are reflected in the shade
Of Maria's dark
Blue eyes
Is there a place
On this earth
Like Beirut,
I wonder!

The LADY of the whole World,
As Nizar says and Magda sings,
Could awake
My love for life;
My vitality
How can I not love her.

Is there a spot
That combines all
Contradictions in a smooth smart way
Like Lebanon
I wander!
Lebanon is my small cosmos,
It is God's Paradise on earth,
As Wadee' enchanting
Melody says;
The Whole world can be found
In this metropolitan fantastic place,
If I miss Saltsburg's blue mountains
I go to the Lebanese mountains and hills
If I miss birds of the English countryside,
I go to Al Bekaa's landscape
If I want to shop,
If I want good books,
If I want good food,
If I want to enjoy both
City and scenery
I go to Beirut,
If I want to drink spring water
I go to the city of many wills;
This is the meaning of Beirut's name;
Wills used to nourish old Beirut
And still
Just as it nourishes my sight, my heart
And will
It irrigates me
Just like a spring
That irrigates forests
In the wilderness.

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